Making Data CDs

Gerard Samuel gsam at
Thu Apr 17 20:31:51 PDT 2003

Ok, I figured out my problem.
1.  The orignal data was on an NFS drive and not everything was copied 
for some reason, to the current directory.
2.  Pass the -R switch to mkisofs, so it can handle directory depths 
more than 6 deep.

Now I seem to have a proper CD.  Thanks for your replies...

Gerard Samuel wrote:

> Just getting into CD Burning with FreeBSD.
> I have a directory of files with a total size of 540M (according to w2k).
> I made an iso of the directory like ->
> mkisofs -o files.iso ~/temp/files
> Then I used burncd like ->
> burncd -v -s max -f /dev/acd1 data ~/temp/files.iso fixate
> Now, Im able to mount the CD in FreeBSD, and in w2k, and they seem 
> similar, but the file sizes were way off.
> According to w2k, the total file usage was 540M while the CD is only 40M.
> Did I use the correct steps to burn this CD??
> Thanks for any info you may provide..
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