Which mailing list?

taxman taxman at acd.net
Thu Apr 17 19:50:29 PDT 2003

On Thursday 17 April 2003 10:24 pm, Dragoncrest wrote:
> Which mailing list do I need to post to in order to suggest device/core
> software updates, additions, changes and such?  Most specifically psm and
> moused.  I wanted to jump in and make some suggestions to fix a few issues
> I see being very common everywhere I turn with psm, moused, and
> kvm's.  Thanks for the info.

Most development is done on the -current branch, so you should run that and 
submit patches against it to the -current mailing list.  There's a lot of 
info in the handbook to help you and the developer's handbook.  I know 
because the answer to this question is in there too  :)


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