How do I post a job listing?

UCTC Sysadmin ecsd at
Thu Apr 17 18:42:04 PDT 2003

Jamie wrote:
>    heh, yeah, posting an offer like that here is like waving a steak in
> a den of hungry lions I think. :-)

Not as bad as "line up for free money here", though.

Actually, think before you speak. The salary is not much. Duties are relatively light,
though. I do have high standards, as follows: 1. be on time. (I lost 75% of freebsders
right there, see.) 2. do as you are asked without whining that it actually takes effort.
3. in a timely fashion. 4. don't argue with the bosses, even though you have many of them,
usually one more than allows to keep straight what you're /really/ supposed to be doing now.
Oh and 5. remember what the f**k is going on, from day to day. 6. No frickin' windows apps!!
I %*$%*&^% HATE fucking Excel. yeah boss, here's your data. Wha? Flat file? WHat's that?

Kirk, Get Lost^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^HSure, send us your resume. Applicant is spelled "supplicant",
rhymes with "pleading". Etc. :(

I may have to wait because one of our ex-slaves may be returning, so keep breathing
(like, chalk this up as more vapor for the time being.)

Thanks for the info, all.


***** (continued)

> On Wed, 16 Apr 2003, Kirk Strauser wrote:
> > At 2003-04-17T01:11:58Z, UCTC Sysadmin <ecsd at> writes:
> >
> > > I wanted to post a job listing for tech support position, so can I do that
> > > via FreeBSD site at all, or where is the preferred place BSD people would
> > > go look for such things?
> >
> > Just forward that on to me, and I'll take care of it for you.  Need a copy
> > of my^H^Hthe applicant's resume?
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> > Kirk Strauser
> >
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