GForce4 Supported?

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Thu Apr 17 18:26:09 PDT 2003

Dead Line wrote:
[ ... ]
>   Iam On FreeBSD 4.3-Release Fresh installation,
>   I have Nivada, GForce 4 (Second generation)
>   is 4.3 support this? as i see No, can someone advise me what i
>   should do?

You should upgrade to FreeBSD 4.7p10 or 4.8, since FreeBSD 4.3 has known 
security problems.  You could try compiling a recent Xfree86 yourself 
and it would work with your card, but it's almost certainly faster and 
easier for you to simply upgrade the whole system at once.


PS: 4.3 came out almost exactly two years ago...

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