Help with changing password's in Current

Joshua Lokken joshua at
Thu Apr 17 16:44:24 PDT 2003

* Adam (blueeskimo at wrote:
==> On Thu, 2003-04-17 at 16:43, Chris Petrik wrote:
==> > I just did a make world yada yada and when i trye to change my password i 
==> > get a error saying i cant change the password to little green men or some 
==> > thing think because the acc's are lock'ed neither admin acc's or user acc's 
==> > can have there password chang'ed was wundering if there's a way to take that 
==> > off or a way to change the password's ?
==> This message makes more sense when read backwards! I have no clue what
==> you are trying to ask!
==> -- 
==> Adam <blueeskimo at>

Maybe the folks on -current speak jive? ;)


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