Yp server not pushing out maps

Blake Swensen blake at pyramus.com
Thu Apr 17 16:30:11 PDT 2003

Ok... this is interesting.

So I ypxfr'ed all the maps back to the slave using your suggestion of 
forcing the transfer.

Then I touched all the source files on the master server and did a make.

make still tells me that:
Updating passwd.byname...
yppush: transfer of map passwd.byname to server samson failed
yppush: status returned by ypxfr: Master's version not newer

Note that the slave server is now not in the error messages...

So for giggles I forced the transfer from itself... no errors.  But the 
problem still persists when I make.  If I unremark NOPUSH = "True" then 
make again, the errors go away.

What the heck am I missing... my rc.conf looks like:

nisdomainname="domain"     # Set to NIS domain if using NIS (or NO).
nis_server_enable="YES"         # We're an NIS server (or NO).
nis_server_flags=""             # Flags to ypserv (if enabled).
#nis_yppasswdd_enable="YES"     # Run rpc.yppasswdd at boot time (or NO).
#nis_yppasswdd_flags="-t /var/yp/master.passwd -v"
                                 # Flags to rpc.yppasswdd (if enabled).
nis_client_flags="-S domain,samson"


Dan Nelson wrote:
> In the last episode (Apr 17), Blake Swensen said:
>>Ya, Dan.
>>ypmatch YP_LAST_MODIFIED master.passwd.byuid reports:
>>Slave:  1050612393
>>Master: 1050611746
>>slave: -rw-------  1 root  wheel  40960 Apr 17 13:15 master.passwd.byuid
>>Master:-rw-------  1 root  wheel  40960 Apr 17 13:35 master.passwd.byuid
>>The clocks are the same
>>Slave:  Thu Apr 17 14:23:22 PDT 2003
>>Master: Thu Apr 17 14:23:22 PDT 2003
> $ TZ=PST8PDT date -r 1050612393
> Thu Apr 17 13:46:33 PDT 2003
> $ TZ=PST8PDT date -r 1050611746
> Thu Apr 17 13:35:46 PDT 2003
> What's strange is that YP_LAST_MODIFIED on the slave is 30 minutes
> older than the timestamp of its db file on disk.  Try running
> "/usr/libexec/ypxfr -f -h <masterserver> master.passwd.byuid" on the
> slave to force a pull, or touch master.passwd on the master and run
> "make" again.

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