FreeBSD + Linux + Win98

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Thu Apr 17 11:58:54 PDT 2003

> Hi,
> I read all documentation about FreeBSD and I found 
> information about FreeBSD + Linux and FreeBSD + Win9x, 
> but can I install FreeBSD with Linux and Win9x? I have 
> Win98 in a hd (as master) and Linux in another (as 
> master too, but in second controller). I'm using Lilo as 
> my bootloader and I installed it in MBR. How can I 
> install FreeBSD in the same disk of th Linux? This is 
> possible?

Sure.  You just need enough disk.  Divide it up in to the 
necessary slices.  Microsloth in one slice, Lunix in another slice
and FreeBSD in another slice.  Or, if you can put in more disk,
have one disk for each or whatever your needs are.

You will have to learn some about slicing and partitioning and
boot managers and maybe get your hands on a copy of Partition Magic
or an equivalent utility.   The FreeBSD Handbook - online or on paper.
has a lot of information and is the place to start.


> Regards,
> Joao Vitor.
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