PPP get 2 ips

JoeB barbish at a1poweruser.com
Thu Apr 17 11:04:27 PDT 2003

Add this to your ppp.conf file

disable iface-alias    # Stop adding old IP addr as alias when ppp
                        # redials because line was lost. These old
                        # showed using  ifconfig -a   on tun0.

 iface clear            # Remove all previous IP address

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If this occured every time, then I would agree, and would work on
resolving it.  This is a situation that ppp seems to think that the
connection is down, or is reseting in some way for some reason.  And
gets another IP, but does not clear the stack of the previous IP.

William Ashworth wrote:

>What I would think about the fact that it's assigned two IPs is if
>connection is dynamic, then you get an internal (LAN) IP and an
>(WAN) IP.
>Will Ashworth
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>>I am running pppd version 2.3 patch level 5, set up for pppoe to
>>maintain a DSL connection.
>>My Config is working great, but here it is any - missing the
>># ppp.conf: PPPoE Configuration
>> # PPP over Ethernet
>> set device PPPoE:dc1
>> set speed sync
>> set mru 1492
>> set mtu 1492
>> set ctsrts off
>> # monitor line quality
>> enable lqr
>> # log just a bit
>> set log phase tun
>> # insert default route upon connection
>> add default HISADDR
>> # download /etc/resolv.conf
>> enable dns
>> # enable nat
>> nat enable yes
>> papchap:
>> #
>> # edit the next three lines and replace the items in caps with
>> # the values which have been assigned by your ISP.
>> #
>> set authname *******************
>> set authkey *********
>>I have had several occassions to find that the interface attached
to the
>>DSL connection is assigned 2 IP's.  The connection still works for
>>from the inside, and I can traffic data without a problem.
>>requests from the outside world fail.  I do run a mail server and
>>server off this connection, so incoming connections are kinda
>>I can't find anything in the logs to hint towards a problem.  Most
>>times, I don't even know it has happened until I hear from a
friend or
>>relative who depends on it.
>>Any thoughts?
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