Sysinstall and others do not detect disks

Nathen Hinson n.hinson at
Thu Apr 17 09:11:19 PDT 2003

To Whomever may know the answer

I have run into an issue which I am at a loss as how to resolve. I am 
attempting to add a disk to a running FreeBSD system, however no 
application seems to be able to detect this new disk. This is a FreeBSD 
4.4-RELEASE(GENERIC) system. The system boots off the primary disk 
(ad0) without issue and was installed on this disk without issue. 
However this disk is too small to be useful by itself and so I wanted 
to add a disk. I read the appropriate sections of the FreeBSD manual 
regarding adding disks however I have tried all the options presented 
there ( i.e. sysinstall, manually compatibility mode, and manually 
dedicated mode ), and none of these options want to detect the disk. 
Sysinstall finds no disks whatsoever, including the boot disk. fdisk 
give operation not permitted errors when trying to use it on the disk 
device (i.e. ad1 ). I have used DOS fdisk to create a single DOS 
partition. Even after this sysinstall, fdisk, disklabel and even dd 
would give errors trying to read this disk.Sysinstall states that no 
disks are present in the system, and fdisk, disklabel and dd all give 
operation not permitted errors.  I then formatted this disk with FAT32 
and even mounted it with mount -t msdos /dev/ad1s1 /mnt/. Because of 
this I do not believe that the disk is bad. I can't perform an fsck on 
it because it has no filesystem.
	If anyone has any suggestions as to where I can look for more 
information or any advice whatsoever I would really appreciate it.

Thank-you very much for your time and attention


Nathen Hinson
Systems Analyst
On - Site Support
User Services
Information Technology Services
University of Texas at Austin

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