Tape Storage questions

Brent Bailey misterb at bmyster.com
Thu Apr 17 06:47:12 PDT 2003

Hello ...im running FBSD 4.6 on a P3 500. Im looking into buying a backup
solution for this box o backup other varius boxes in our DMZ.My question is this...does FBSD support the Quantum DLT 8000 drive...and
if not Can anyonw make a recommendation as to what DLT drives can be used
with FBSD4.6 .
In reading online,,,i see that FBSD does support the Quantum DLT-2000

I do also have a DDS3 drive (cuurently attached to a SUN E250 box. I was
thinnking of using it....if FBSD supports it ?
Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you
Brent Bailey CCNA
Net Admin Bmsyter.com

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