System security - Freebsd 4.8RC

K Anderson freebsduser at
Wed Apr 16 21:24:50 PDT 2003

I read through the basic freebsd documention on security, or more so the 
administration of users. I will probably be opening my system to several 
users using ssh and ssh-ftp.

This is for the purpose of doing PHP, MySQL and other web related stuff 
using Apache.

There are some things I am unsure about or would like guidance on:
   I'm thinking that I want to keep the users within the bounds of their 
own directory structure so they may not poke around looking for things 
to pilfer, change, hack, slash or break. Is this something that some of 
you more experienced administrators do to users to make sure they don't 
break something? If so, got any suggestions as where I may start?

   Since I would like to allow the users to be able to do php stuff only 
and perhaps block access to some wisenheimer that might allow them to 
create mischief not only on my system but other systems as well, either 
through CGI, PERL, PHP does anybody have ideas on how to restrict 
certain things like creating sockets, inet connections and other stuff? 
I know I can create a heafty firewall rule set to block some stuff so I 
would have to do things like that, I just can't think of any gotchas or 
something like that I might be overlooking.

If there's any other gotchas I should be aware of, I look forward to 
getting feed back on user and security issues.

Thanks in advance..

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