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Jim jconner at enterit.com
Wed Apr 16 19:41:47 PDT 2003

On Wednesday 16 April 2003 16:35, Warren Block wrote:
| On Tue, 15 Apr 2003, Christopher Rosado wrote:
| > Hash: SHA1
| >
| > On Tuesday 15 April 2003 04:46 pm, Warren Block wrote:
| > > Um... ^M would mean an M at the start of a line.  This should be
| > >
| > >            s/\r//g;
| >
| > Try pressing CTRL-V then CTRL-M in vi ... the result is ^M as a control
| > character.  I use s/^M//g quite frequently.
| I try to avoid unprintable characters in programs because, well, they're
| unprintable.  \r is less typing, doesn't screw up when you print it
| to paper, and won't be confused with a beginning-of-line anchor and a
| capital M.

As a general rule I agree with this philosophy.  One is begging for trouble 
if one uses such progmas within one's production programs/scripts.  If I were 
to happen upon a program/script that required me to maintain it post-facto 
and I noticed that when I more'd or cat'ed the source that something didn't 
print the screen right (or not at all) *AND* most people don't properly 
comment thier code anyway, I would probably have to write a quick Perl script 
to figure just what character is "missing".  It makes managability  
more difficult and time-consuming.

- Jim

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- Jim

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