opiekeys and cyradm

Mark Einreinhof mark.einreinhof at nist.gov
Wed Apr 16 16:22:11 PDT 2003

For some reason that is alluding me, cyradm wants to use a file called opiekeys. What on earth? Where did this come from? On my 4.8 system, I used /stand/sysinstall to install postfix, cyrus-imapd, which also installed cyrus-sasl as a dependency.

I found in /usr/local/etc/imap.conf a line, which is commented out, stating the location of opiekeys -> /etc/opiekeys. When I look at this file, it is empty. Where do I turn off this opiekeys thing?

When typing:

%cyradm localhost

'some date stuff' imapd[190] opiechallenge: user not found or locked
'some date stuff' perl: No worthy mechs found

I'm not sure how to troublshoot this, as I can find any reference to opie in the sasl docs.


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