Jalle defacto at
Wed Apr 16 15:06:57 PDT 2003

At 14:44 2003-04-16 -0400, E. J. Cerejo wrote:
>Are you dont MAKEDEV inside /dev?
>If you recompiled why didn't you include the device in your kernel instead 
>of trying to load it in loader.conf?
>What did you put in /boot/loader.conf?  I don't have that device snd0 and 
>my sound works great.

Well, in fact, noone has... According to
sh MAKEDEV snd0 does NOT create a /dev/snd device.
It will create a set of audio mixers and devices.

>sapa sapa wrote:
>>after recompiled and enable the sound pcm in loader.conf, i'm still 
>>having a problem with sound. after the recompiled, i can't do the sh 
>>MAKEDEV snd0, the problem look like can't open MAKEDEV, no such file or 

Sapa sapa: it sounds like you didn't run MAKEDEV in /dev or you weren't 
root at the time. It would help if you included what kind of sound card you 
are using, and what modules you are loading in loader.conf. Maybe (and 
hopefully) you've solved it already.

Good luck!


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