what machines run freebsd

Mike Meyer mwm-dated-1050961464.f7f8fd at mired.org
Wed Apr 16 14:44:25 PDT 2003

In <20030416182603.GA71095 at constans.gldis.ca>, Jeremy Faulkner <gldisater at gldis.ca> typed:
> On Wed, Apr 16, 2003 at 02:14:32PM +0900, David Banning wrote:
> > I am purchasing a new machine and I want to make sure that it runs
> > freebsd without any problem. I seem to recollect, going back in history, 
> > that "integrated" boards gave problems. These days, integrated boards
> > are the norm. I know that Abit and Asus used to be a good bet. What
> > about Intel boards? 
> > Is there any rule of thumb, or good pointers, or "absolutely avoid"
> > suggestions?
> Avoid SiS chipsets.

I'd disagree. Once you get to the SiS 735 they start being fast and
cheap, and well-supported by BSD. Earlier chipsets had problems, but
I'm very happy with my SiS 735-based board.

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