freebsd softupdates

Raphael Marmier raphael at
Wed Apr 16 13:21:18 PDT 2003

Softupdates give you an "insurance" that, in the event of a crash or a 
power outage, your filesystem will be coherent enough to be recoverable 
by fsck. This is the same goal as journalisation, just a different 

However, any data not fully commited to disk is forever lost. I guess 
this applies to unsaved documents.

Note that the hard disk's write cache should be __disabled__ or there's 
no point in using softupdates at all. Up to now, there's no support for 
"safe write cache" operation. To my knowledge, it only exists in 
windows 2000 sp3 and xp. (it has been found ... inoperant in w2k <sp3!).

hope this helps


Le mercredi, 16 avr 2003, à 22:02 Europe/Zurich, David a écrit :

> I have freebsd 5.0 and it uses softupdates which I hear
> it is better or equal to journal filesystem.  Also
> softupdates writes to the disk in the event of a crash
> to make recovering faster.  So, if I were working on a
> unsaved document or project and the system crash or freezes
> where and how do I recover it.
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