How to turn on telnet on server.

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Wed Apr 16 09:07:49 PDT 2003

> On Tuesday 15 April 2003 03:38 pm, Dino Tose wrote:
> > I would like to thank everyone that responded to this
> > email.
> > I understood most of it. I am still new to Unix OS and
> > commands I understand VI very little. I know how to
> > get into it but modifying a coment and things like
> man vi will show you all the commands.  You can also google for a quick vi 
> reference.  just make sure to keep track of and understand the difference 
> between command and input mode.  esc gets you to command, i gets you to 
> insert.  you can only be in one or the other.

I have a web page intended for beginning vi users.  The language is
slightly less formal and thus more accessible for new users.  URL is:


> Tim
> > Thanks
> > Dino
> >

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