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Wed Apr 16 06:58:21 PDT 2003

In < at>, steven r. eastlake <seastlake at> typed:
> i am setting up freebsd 5.0 and would like to attempt to "wake up" my 
> generic sound
> card and also wacom usb tablet mouse/pen
> 1. MAKEDEV not in /dev and not executable, found in /usr/src/etc, move to /,
>      cannot move to /dev, then permission executable
> 2. MAKEDEV fails numerous ways attempting snd and uhid, review online dialogs
>      for these failures and try to correct my problems to no avail

5.0 uses devfs for /dev, so you won't be able to create files
there. If the files for your sound card and tablet aren't in /dev,
they weren't found at boot. Or there's a bug in the driver.

> 3. attempt mknod sndstat c 30 6 root:operator gives "no such file or 
> directory", an error
>      message i have seen previously

Did you try that in /dev? I'm not sure what error you should get, but
getting one is expected.

> i suspect this may be an easy fix for those with knowledge...
> following are setenv, dmesg, which may help...

The demsg doesn't show either a mouse or a sound card being detected,
so your problem is worse than just needing to get MAKEDEV to work. I'm
not sure what device your tablet should show up as, but if it's a PS
connector, it should be detected automatically.

I'd suggest changing to either 4.8 - which means you'll get better
support here - or 5.0-CURRENT so you can get the latest development
release. Read <URL:
> for help in deciding which version to run.

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