"broadcast ping" message

Kan Cai kcai at cs.ubc.ca
Tue Apr 15 22:15:36 PDT 2003

This is a really dumb question. When I say it doesn't work, I mean there
is no output on the screen as you do point-to-point ping normally.

Actually it works, it won't show anything just because there is no
ack for broadcasting. Using tcpdump can easily notice this thing.


On Tue, 15 Apr 2003, Kan Cai wrote:

> Hi, All:
>   This question probably seems dumb, but I am really stuck with it right
> now. I have two orinoco wireless cards, each locates on a FreeBSD 4.7 box.
> The addresses are and separately with netmask
> 0xffffff00, thus the broadcast address is At this point, one
> of them is set to "ibss-master", while the other is "ibss".
>    Its used to work when I try broadcast ping by "ping", but
> today it is weird that it totally doesn't work at all. Is there anybody
> over there can help me with this? By the way, the firmware version is
> 8.72.01.
>    Many thanks in advance.
> Cheers,
> ken

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