MBR, Partition File recover

David David ddavid_3 at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 15 17:47:46 PDT 2003


Through a series of very stupid actions i did today i have very
successfully blown a giant hole in my foot. Hopefully i can make this
as short as possible.

The short of it is, i had FreeBSD 4.7, Gentoo Linux and WinXP
installed on my system and was going to do a complete re-install of
FreeBSD and Gentoo. I backed up all my files from my drive's into
.bz2 files, and placed them in a folder of one of my FreeBSD

I also had turned a spare drive into a storage drive formatted ext2
which i copied al the files into as added bonus. So while
re0installing Gentoo first, one of the steps in the Install doc was
to dd the mbr of the drive's you wanted to use, here's what i did to
the drive's:

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hda bs=1k count=1, etc for the other drive's
i was going to use. 

Unfortunately while sleeping i also did this to the drive that had my
backup files on my FreeBSD partition, also due too some more
airheaded-ness i managed to fsck up the spare drive ext2 file system
leaving me at present, looking around the net for a way of recovering
those files, either from the ext2fs or the FreeBSD file system.

So i was wandering if some kind soul out there could possibly suggest
some action's ( besides jumping from a bridge, which i have finally
ruled out for the moment) that i might take to either restore the 1k
or mbr if that's what i deleted, or of a way of recovering those
file's of that drive?

One note, since i did the "dd" above i have not touched the drive in
question in any way, it's the same as when i re-booted out of FreeBSD
minus that 1k.

(Ok, now for the humble begging part)

Please! Please! Please! could someone put up some suggestions that i
might try to get those file's back. Save me from taking that dive of
a bridge, and i promise, promise promise!!! never too be such a dolt
in the future.



PS: Please CC me ddavid_3 at yahoo.com

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