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Mike Meyer mwm-dated-1050873111.1fb636 at
Tue Apr 15 14:11:54 PDT 2003

In <20030415211401.GA11799 at>, Wayne Pascoe <freebsd at> typed:
> The purpose of this list is for FreeBSD users to support each other.
> While I do ask a fair amount of questions, I'm also trying to answer
> questions more. But if every post is going to result in spam, where is
> people's incentive to support each other?

As far as I can tell, it's not every post - it's just the ones that
are CC'd to a user of spamalert. The posts I've made that weren't to
John didn't generate those notices. Since I use a
confirmation/whitelist system myself, I can't really object to
strongly to what he's doing. I do find the work required of the sender
a bit excessive. I hope John has subscribed to the list so he can read
the answers I made to his postings.

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