Kmail and NFS mount?

Henrik Hudson rhavenn at
Tue Apr 15 13:21:18 PDT 2003

Hey List-

Ran this accross the kde-freebsd list, but didn't get any repsonses...since 
this is a much higher traffic list I thought someone over here might have 
tried/seen something about this. Thanks.

I would like to share my Mail files between my home workstation and my laptop 
and was thinking I could create a NFS mount on a net accessable server that 
would let me NFS mount my /Mail directory.

        -My workstation is in a private LAN
        -My laptop would SSH tunnel the NFS mount
        -Both computers might be accessing the NFS mount at the same time
        -Both computer would be using Kde 3.1.1a (and the Kmail version that 
goes with it)

My questions:
        -I know that filters, passwords, etc... are stored in the .kde dir, 
but is there any other settings that would cause conficts between the 2 
        -I would be using the Maildir format which supposedly doesn't need any 
NFS locking or anything...
        -In this feasible?


Henrik Hudson
rhavenn at

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