ODBC access under Linux compatibility

Mike Meyer mwm-dated-1050859782.b22834 at mired.org
Tue Apr 15 10:29:44 PDT 2003

In <3E9C33A5.7060202 at infowest.com>, Lorin Lund <wbs at infowest.com> typed:
> I am using an interpreted language whose interpreter is built for Linux. 
>  So I am relying on
> Linux compatibility.  I have built and installed 
> /usr/ports/databases/libiodbc.  Calls to the
> library fail.   It just occurred to me that libiodbc.so is a FreeBSD 
> format library and the
> program that is trying to access it is a Linux format binary.
> How can I get Linux compatible ODBC service running?

You need to install a linux ODBC driver manager and drivers. I'd check
for rpms for the iodbc on the popular linux sites.

> At this time I don't need native FreeBSD ODBC access and Linux 
> compatible access
> concurrently, but what if I did?

You'd have to install ODBC driver managers and drivers for both linux
and FreeBSD. The drivers and libraries for linux should install in
/usr/compat/linux/..., and the ones for FreeBSD in /usr/local/..., so
that's not a problem. You'd probably have to arrange for them to use
different config files, which may be interesting.

Two alternative solutions to your current problem, both of which
depend on the interpreter you are using:

1) Try to get the interpreter built for FreeBSD. If it's open source,
it may be easy to port, or already available via the ports tree.

2) Skip using odbc, and try connecting directly to the data
source. That will also improve the performance of your applications.

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