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Tue Apr 15 09:40:30 PDT 2003

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M Gomez wrote:
> I was running 4.6.2 on a Dell Poweredge 2300
> It has been running with relatively no probems since it was released.
> I recently upgraded to 4.8. At that time I started experiencing as sorts of
 > anomolies. I figured it may have been a jacked upgrade. So I killed the
 > partitions and started from scratch after backing up passwd files and home
 > dirs and such.
> Same thing....
> The anomoly I am speaking of is slowness. For example. I type pine and it takes
 > at least 15 seconds for it to start. This is remotely and locally. Netstat
 > command takes so long to complete that I never let it finish.  What is going on?
 > It is not isolated to these two programs. It took over 9 seconds to start Apache.
 > In a nutshell. Every thing is slow. Another example. Logging in.

My first guess is that there's a network problem.  Try this:
run "netstat -rn" and "netstat -r" and note the time difference (if any)
If there's a considerable time difference (-rn is immediate, while -r takes a while)
then it's like that faulty DNS config is the problem.
Just about all the programs you describe as being slow are dependent on network
services.  If you start "top", is that slow as well? (top does not access the
network in any way that I know of)

If the test doesn't indicate network problems, you may want to monitor top, systat
and/or other programs to see if you can pinpoint the cause of the speed problem.
Feel free to post results of these commands to the list if nothing jumps out at

> My servers stats
> cjhost# uname -v
> FreeBSD 4.8-RELEASE #0: Tue Apr 15 00:59:34 EST 2003     :/usr/src/sys/compile/COLONEL
> cjhost#
> DELL poweredge 2300
> DUAL PII 400
> 512 RAM
> 4 Dell lvd drives

Bill Moran
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