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Tue Apr 15 08:58:43 PDT 2003


> Luciano Evaristo Guerche wrote:
> >I have heard FreeBSD is quite comparable to Linux and that is a very good 
> >free
> > OS. I would not use / adhere to it just because the logo it adopts. How 
> can a
> > christian install an OS whose logo is a demon in his/her computer?

  Are you serious?!!  (directed to the commentor, not replier)

  You'll be better of not using any UNIX systems in that case, especially
  since there's always a chance that the /dev/null could get your sole --
  or was it soul?  lol ;)

> If you find him offensive, please do not compromise your religious beliefs 
> just
> to use FreeBSD.  You'll be much better off using Windows.

  I agree.  You're better off not using an OS that has a "daemon" as a
  mascot; better to have an OS created (or stolen) by the Devil Himself,

> A company that 
> lies,
> cheats, and steals may sit much better with your religious beliefs than a
> community-oriented organization that happens to use a daemon as a logo.

  Well stated!
> I don't know of any OS that uses a demon as a logo.

  Although... if you ask me, there's a series of that that should have
  the demon as the logo, albeit one with glasses.

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