Need to find files over a certain size.

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Tue Apr 15 08:55:56 PDT 2003

In <000001c3030c$9d6d6930$040013ac at goofy>, Michael Salsky <mishke at> typed:
> I've read the man page on the 'find' command and couldn't find the
> answer. I'm wanting to find all files on the files system bigger than
> 100Mb.

You have to put two parts of the man page together. First, you need:

     -size n[c]
             True if the file's size, rounded up, in 512-byte blocks is n.  If
             n is followed by a c, then the primary is true if the file's size
             is n bytes (characters).

Then, later on, it says:

     All primaries which take a numeric argument allow the number to be pre-
     ceded by a plus sign (``+'') or a minus sign (``-'').  A preceding plus
     sign means ``more than n'', a preceding minus sign means ``less than n''
     and neither means ``exactly n''.

so you want "-size +200000" - give or take 24 parts in a thousand.

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