How to Reset a Forgotten Root Password

Peter Elsner peter at
Tue Apr 15 06:56:27 PDT 2003

 From the FreeBSD FAQ page:

10.14. I have forgotten the root password! What do I do?

Do not Panic! Simply restart the system, type boot -s at the Boot: prompt 
(just -s for FreeBSD releases before 3.2) to enter Single User mode. At the 
question about the shell to use, hit ENTER. You will be dropped to a # 
prompt. Enter mount -u / to remount your root filesystem read/write, then 
run mount -a to remount all the filesystems. Run passwd root to change the 
root password then run 
<>exit(1) to 
continue booting.


At 01:20 PM 4/15/2003 +0200, you wrote:
>I have  FreeBSD box with  forgotten root password. How can I reset this 
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