PPP Question

John Hoder Jhoder at WBUR.BU.EDU
Tue Apr 15 06:39:04 PDT 2003


i'm relatively new to freebsd and so far i'm delighted with the 
performance and stability.  i have a continual problem with ppp 
though and i've searched the documentation and contacted my isp for 
an answer.  maybe you have a suggestion.  there are really 2 separate 

1. authentication is like rolling the dice.  it seems about a 50/50 
chance that i get the ppp in capitals.  once there, my connection 
with my isp is rock-solid.  but half the time i get an error (some 
strange machine code) during what looks like the first stage of 
authentication (the lower case p's).

2. (maybe related to number 1?) when i first modified ppp.conf i 
could not get my modem to be recognized using /dev/cuaa0, 1, etc. 
(although my modem *is* connected to a serial port).  so i just sort 
of stumbled on using ttyd0, which works fine except for the problem 
described above.

any help you can offer would be appreciated.



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