Trouble running phoenix browser

Joshua Lokken joshua at
Mon Apr 14 20:18:46 PDT 2003

* Jonathon McKitrick (jcm at wrote:
==> Hi,
==> I installed perl from the ports on my new box, and then started an install
==> of the Phoenix browser.  After it was finished, typing 'phoenix' runs for a
==> couple of seconds, then returns to the shell prompt.  There is no error
==> message of any kind, and no processes left running.  The browser simply
==> never appears.
==> Any idea what this could be?  Like I said, I saw NO error messages during
==> installation or when running, so that sure makes it difficult to diagnose.

I would guess you should [re]cvsup your ports (did you do that after the
install?) and remove/rebuild.  That is a guess.  Just to check, I just
installed perl58 from the ports, issued the command 'use.perl port',
installed phoenix (had never looked at it before) and it works well on
4.8-stable.  I think I'll try it for awhile!  


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