freebsd 4.8 ssh access woes

William Ashworth willybaby12345 at
Mon Apr 14 11:27:52 PDT 2003

I currently use putty.exe at home and on my laptop, but SecureCRT at
work...both work perfectly.

The OS wouldn't necessarily keep you from SSH'ing, but rather the service on
the server, or the possibly bad download from Putty's Web site...try
downloading again.  Also check to make sure that you have the current

Will Ashworth

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> On Mon, 14 Apr 2003, Andrew Thomson wrote:
> > Have a problem with ssh'ing to my recently installed 4.8 RELEASE box.
> >
> > >From another unix box I can ssh in fine. It appears that the putty
> > clients are the ones having problems..
> >
> > >From my tests, whenever someone tries to ssh in using protocol 1, is
> > when logins are rejected.
> >
> > For the record, I am also using pam_ldap for storing the passwords.
> >
> > If I change the putty client to use ssh2, they can log on fine.. however
> > I'm just curious as to why they can no longer log on using ssh1.
> If this is inconvenient to you, you could have your users upgrade putty
> to a more recent/latest release.  I remember there was a small problem
> with the old putty defaults getting out of step with what OpenSSH in
> FreeBSD was offering them, causing putty to fail.  New realeses of putty
> worked by default - I think he fixed the handling of Challange-Response
> authentication.
> Bill.
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