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Mon Apr 14 10:44:39 PDT 2003

In <20030414170827.GA32192 at>, dick hoogendijk <dick at> typed:
> On 14 Apr Kent Stewart wrote:
> > If you aren't rebuilding your INDEX* files after you cvsup, you are
> > using an INDEX dated 29 Mar.
> Is it really needed to rebuild INDEX after every cvsup of the ports?
> Someone suggested one time:
> # make index
> # pkgdb -F
> # portsdb -u

I think the "pkgdb -F" isn't needed. The database of installed
packages isn't really affected that much by cvsupping ports. About the
only thing that might break is that a port may have been renamed or
obsoleted, so that the db no longer has a valid origin. That won't
make any difference until you try and upgrade that port, at which
point you'll be told to run "pkgdb -F".

The pkgdb man page says run it "periodically". That could be when you
do a ports cvsup. Personally, I run it when one of the portupgrade
tools says it's broken and I need to run it.

> This all takes a long time. "Make index" takes 'ages'
> I guess I have to live with that if it means you're errorfree, but
> still, is it?

Yes, it is. Note that "portsdb -U" will do the equivalent of "make
index" for you. So all you have to do is one "portsdb -uU" after
cvsupping the ports. Which is exactly what the portsdb man page
recommends doing.

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