Opinion on mail server setup

Matthew Emmerton matt at gsicomp.on.ca
Sun Apr 13 17:56:06 PDT 2003

You need to install a POP3 server in order for MUAs to receive email from a
mail server.  I'd recommend qpopper (/usr/ports/mail/qpopper).

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> Thanks,
> I don't have any experience with mail systems what so ever. So Postfix
> is not a pop3 server? What do I need to get a full working mail server
> up and running? I use postfix as an MTA and I have an email program on
> the client side (running on windows machines). Is there anything else
> that needs to be installed on my freebsd box?
> Cheers
> >As a MTA, I'd recommend 'postfix', since it's rather easy to set up
> >(ports/postfix). Documentation can be found at http://www.postfix.org.
> If >you
> >install it, be sure to have a look at the example configuration files
> in
> >/usr/local/etc/postfix.
> >I don't have a lot of experience with pop3 or imap servers (which you
> will
> >probably need in order to acces your mail), so I cannot comment on
> that.
> >Cheers,
> > Simon
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