freebsd 5.0 boot manager

Andrew Boothman andrew at
Sun Apr 13 17:18:33 PDT 2003

David wrote:

> Hello
> My name is David. I'm a big freebsd fan. I've install many
> freebsd from the 4.X series in the past. Anyway ,I purchase
> the freebsd 5.0 Jan 2003 series and everything went fine
> except for the boot manager. It boots up the freebsd but
> not my windows 98 partion. This is the first time I am
> seeing this. This never happen with the other freebsd's
> I installed in the past.  

Hmmmm - I know of several people that have had this problem in the past 
but I'm afraid I don't know of a solution.

When I installed 5 i ended up having to reinstall Windows as I was 
unable to return it to a bootable state and then re-install FreeBSD, 
asking it not to change the MBR. After I had done this I used a GRUB 
disk to boot FreeBSD and then I installed GRUB on the drive using the 
FreeBSD port. Hence I ended up using GRUB as my bootloader instead of 
FreeBSD's boot manager.

I'm not sure if there is a different way to go about solving this 
problem, but this fixed it for me!

If you need any help using GRUB then don't hesitate to drop me a line, 
it confused me initally :)



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