SIGNAL 11 ==> core dump

Joseph Maxwell jemaxwell at
Sun Apr 13 14:05:58 PDT 2003


Is there a paid service for solving intermittent  FREEBSD problems? Have
been dealing with some problems [Related to: New MBoard & CPU, Upgrade &
fsck problem(s) etc] for a long time, that was not really worth the
time, getting extremely scanty or no responses from list.

Hopefully, there will / may be some on this subject.

Finally got fsck to run to completion, All systems reported clean on all
partitions. On booting, after device probe ==>
pid 6 (sh), uid 0: exited on SIGNAL 11 (core dump)
Apr 12 23 57:13 init /bin/sh on /etc/rc terminated abnormally, going to
single user mode
Enter full pathname or RETURN for /bin/sh

Interestingly enough 'shutdown -p now' goes to a reboot and after
rebooting comes back up with a
'/ was not properly dismantled'

What is the best method for doing a 'core debug' with BSD. Which is


--  Joe  --

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