Dual Booting XP Home and FreeBSD 4.7 Release

Jud judmarc at fastmail.fm
Sun Apr 13 11:26:47 PDT 2003

On Sun, 13 Apr 2003 23:38:55 +0530, Shantanu Mahajan <shantanoo at ieee.org> 

> +++ Lucas Holt [freebsd] [10-04-03 22:24 -0400]:
> | Thanks for all your comments.  I have FreeBSD 4.7 installed now with | 
> the boot manager.  Its working great!
> 	also you can try http://www.xosl.org

There's also Grub in the FreeBSD ports.

I'm currently using BootItNG because it groks RAID easily (which Grub 
currently doesn't AFAIK, necessitating workarounds like boot partitions on 
non-RAID drives) and is nicely automagic about setting up boot entries.  
But it's not free (as in beer or speech), and it doesn't work as easily 
with Linux as I'd like.  BootEasy works but it ain't pretty; the NT 
bootloader just feels like a bit of a hassle to set up with bootable 
partitions on multiple disks.

Which brings me to a question:  How's XOSL with RAID, if anyone has 
experience in that regard?  I'd want to boot Win98 (FAT32) and Linux (ext3) 
from one hard drive and FreeBSD (UFS1) and Win2K (NTFS) from a RAID-0 array 
(controller is a Promise 20276 onboard chip).


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