imake 1.0 vs. 4.3.0

Jud judmarc at
Sun Apr 13 11:03:26 PDT 2003

On Sun, 13 Apr 2003 09:57:30 +0200, Hanspeter Roth <hampi at> 

> On Apr 12 at 15:58, Kris Kennaway spoke:
>> imake is for XFree86 3.x.  You have to remove it before you can
>> install 4.x
> Are conflicting ports not handled by the ports system?
> How can one know whether there are conflicts with other ports?
> -Hanspeter

Conflicting ports as in conflicting versions of the same port?  Portupgrade 
to upgrade ports, make deinstall clean of old version before make install 
clean of new version, and a close eye on /var/db/pkg will all help.

Re conflicts among different ports, I suppose updating the ports index and 
pkgdb -F could be helpful (or is pkgdb -F now less useful or entirely 


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