Console beep function?

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Sun Apr 13 10:32:54 PDT 2003


> I have a program I want to port from Windows that beeps
> intermittently at various frequencies, and it appears that there's no direct
> equivalent of the Windows functions for making noise.  Suggestions? 

  There most certainly is!  Try out ^G (control+G)

  Now I remember doing something like this to "warn" myself when the
  local administrator used to log on ;)  CC me and I'll try to dig up
  some of my beeper scripts for you.

>  It will
> only be run on the console, so it doesn't have to work for remote terminals
> or anything.

  Ah... but that's the beauty of it.  You can log onto N+ machines and then
  have them all beep at random intervals ;)  Or... you can wait for just
  the right moment, when the person is deep in concentration to beep them ;)

 *I of course no longer do this...(fingers x-ed behind back) hehe ;)

  Thanks in advance to anyone and everyone who may reply/post
  useful comments & suggestions..., thank you!

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