mail to all users on a system (from root)

Willie Viljoen will at
Sun Apr 13 05:44:55 PDT 2003

On Sunday 13 April 2003 14:32, someone, possibly Aslak Evang, typed:
> I've searched for ways for root to email all users on a system. The only
> easy solution I found included making a shellscript and setting it as an
> alias for "everybody". Problem was that in the script you had to insert
> all your users manually.
> Does anybody know of other methods for sending announcements to all
> users on a system? Could have done it with MOTD but few of them actually
> log-in. Most just read mail.
> suggestions?
> - Aslak

If all of the users you want to get the announcement have home directories, 
there's a really easy way to do this. Write a shell script that makes a 
list of users from the output of ls /home


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