make cleandisk

E. J. Cerejo ej.cerejo at
Sat Apr 12 14:22:23 PDT 2003

Shouldn't he clean up /usr/obj?  I always do, rm -Rp * inside that 
directory, /usr/src should be left alone.

Kent Stewart wrote:
> On Saturday 12 April 2003 11:41 am, Dick Hoogendijk wrote:
>>Bit confused. The handbook states "run make cleandisk twice" after
>>things went wrong making world. Fine.. But.. if all went well, do I
>>run this command also or can I just cvsup new sources and do a
>>makeworld next week or so again?
> One time is to clean /usr/src and the other is to clean /usr/obj. If 
> everything goes well, you don't need to do anything but cvsup. 
> If something goes wrong, it depends on whether you have left over stuff 
> from an older release. The presence of left over stuff is when cleandir 
> is used. Once you are running a new release, a simple build error can 
> usually be fixed by waiting until your mirror has the updated code and 
> recvsup. Most of the mirrors are updated on an hourly basis. You just 
> don't usually know when that is :).
> Kent

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