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Sat Apr 12 10:54:47 PDT 2003

On 11 Apr Bill Moran wrote:
> Dick Hoogendijk wrote:
> >Do I wipe this "stand" dir? Or do I "refresh it" somehow. I also have
> >the 4.8 release on CD.. Any advice would be appreciated.
> /stand contains the wonderful sysinstall ... which can be used for many
> system administrative duties.
> /stand should get updated when you buildworld.

I like /stand/sysinstall too for the same reasons you mention. I did a
buildworld, so I guess /stand is updated..

The reason I ask is that all other (new) compiled programs have the date
of the buildworld. (april 11) But NOT for "/stand"
It still is Oct 9 2002
and I don't know why.. Is this 'cause it's kind of a "special" dir w/ no
"real" files? Like to learn something here..

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