Applixware Office

Tom Wadlow wadlow at
Sat Apr 12 08:06:18 PDT 2003

I'm a long time user of Applixware under FreeBSD.  The last version I was able
to get was the 5.0 version which came from the FreeBSD Desktop Edition
distribution, which shipped with FreeBSD 4.3.  That was some time ago, and a
recent check shows that it is still the same.

I've gotten the 5.0 binaries to run under 4.5, but there was some minor
weirdness required.  They don't trivially run under 4.7 and it is clear that the
weirdness needed is increasing as OS and binaries drift further apart.  That is
a curve that will one day become too steep to play on.  I've considered
switching to something like, but I've got a lot of Applixware
stuff around, and it is considerably more lightweight than OO.  At the very
least it would be helpful to run them side by side on the same machine for a
while to help convert things.

So my question is this:  What is the status of Applixware with regards to
FreeBSD?  The original company appears to be out of business or vastly changed.
I believe that the Desktop Edition version was generated after the company
went away.  Does somebody in the FreeBSD world have source?  Is that source
available generally?  If not generally, is it being maintained?  If not, is
it in search of a maintainer?

Thanks, --Tom

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