Qustion on how to install a Japanese enabled BSD system

Martin Karlsson mk-freebsd at bredband.net
Sat Apr 12 05:13:02 PDT 2003


* paleph at pacbell.net <paleph at pacbell.net> [2003-04-11 17.49 -0700]:
> I have a friend that will be visiting from Japan and I am trying
> to install a FreeBSD machine with some of the Japanese software from
> the ports collection. So far I haven't had much success.
> The only documentation I've been able to find is in Japanese. Does anyone
> have English instructions or could point me at English documentation/URL
> on how to install a Japanese enabled BSD system? I've borrowed a Japanese
> keyboard (Acer keyboard) from a friend but haven't been able to get the system
> to recognize either Hiragana or Katakana...

I found a couple of pages. Hopefully, the'll be of some help to you:

<URL:http://redundancy.redundancy.org/fbsd_japanese.html >

<URL:http://quarto128.homeunix.net:128/~leoboiko/nihongo.html >

<URL:http://home.nyc.rr.com/computertaijutsu/jpninpt.html >

<URL:http://www.allbsd.org/%7Ehrs/FreeBSD/japanese/ >

Best regards,
Martin Karlsson

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