freebsd 5.0 boot manager

David dvelez502 at
Fri Apr 11 23:18:20 PDT 2003


My name is David. I'm a big freebsd fan. I've install many
freebsd from the 4.X series in the past. Anyway ,I purchase
 the freebsd 5.0 Jan 2003 series and everything went fine
except for the boot manager. It boots up the freebsd but
not my windows 98 partion. This is the first time I am
seeing this. This never happen with the other freebsd's
I installed in the past.  Windows is on drive 0 and freebsd is
on drive 1, the  boot manager installed on both disks
 and the boot flag S = Set bootable on their respective partions.
The boot manager for drive 0 lists:

F5 Drive 1

When I press F1 , I get this message:

Invalid system disk,
Replace the disk and press any key

The boot manager for drive 1 list:

F1 Freebsd
F5 Drive 0

When I press F1, freebsd boots up fine. F5 bring me back to
the boot listing for drive 0. Nothing wrong here.

Like I said, this never happen to me with the 4.X series of
freebsd. All 4.X series installed fine and the boot manager
loaded up windows or freebsd.

If you have any suggestions I would surely appreciate it.


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