make release of 5.0 on 4.8

Jay jayed at
Fri Apr 11 23:09:19 PDT 2003

make release for 5.0-RELEASE is failing on my very recent 4.8 system.

The script fails with a sig 12 when trying to "env -i /usr/sbin/chroot
${CHROOT_DIR} /mk".

The actual error is "Bad system call (core dump)" from /bin/sh after the
script chroots and tries to execute /bin/sh in the chrooted directory.
If I replace the 5.0 /bin/sh in the chroot with a 4.8 /bin/sh, it gets a
little bit further along before puking.

The command that I'm running is:

make release CHROOTDIR=/home/jayed/release BUILDNAME=5.0-RELEASE
CVSROOT=/home/freebsd/5.0/cvs RELEASETAG=RELENG_5_0_0_RELEASE

I've rereread release(7), UPDATING and the 5.0 release notes.  I've 
(fruitlessly) searched the mailing lists and google. 

I've deleted everything (the chroot, /usr/obj, the 5.0-RELEASE src) a
few times, but I still end up in the same place.

I feel like this is an operator headspace error, but I can't figure
out what I'm screwing up.  Any pointers?



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