portupgrade: reverting to a previous version

Martin Karlsson mk-freebsd at bredband.net
Fri Apr 11 16:09:59 PDT 2003

Hi. Sorry, this is not a fix for your problem, just a tip for the 
next time...

* Gary Dunn <knowtree at aloha.com> [2003-04-10 20.43 -1000]:
> The new version of postgresql will not open my database :-(

Ouch! :-(


> I understand that portupgrade saves the old version of a port. True? Can
> somebody explain how I can recover that version?

The next time you use portupgrade, check out the -b flag, which will 
create, and *keep*,  a package of the old version, and save it in /var/tmp (if you 
have not set $PKG_TMPDIR or $TMPDIR) -- regardless of the success of 
the upgrade.

I hope you can get your data back.
Best wishes,
Martin Karlsson

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