Can someone explain how to enable spam assassin?

Cliff cliff at
Fri Apr 11 14:16:11 PDT 2003

it depends on if you want to run it as a daemon or as a standalone program.
I have spamd running as a daemon in the background and every time mail is
sent it goes through my .qmail files with the program spamc which checks if
it is spam or not. spamd must be running for spamc to work since it uses it
as a server.

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Subject: Can someone explain how to enable spam assassin?

> I've looked through all the readme's, I've looked through the as many
> tutorials and man pages as I can find and even the emails from this
> list.  Everyone tells me to do something different.  Yet nothing seems to
> work.  Can someone please either point me to, or write out a very simple
> how to on setting up my system from install of spam assassin to setting up
> procmail and making sure I got everything?  Thanks.
> Only reason I ask is I've been trying to get this setup for a while and up
> to this point I still can't get spam assassin to filter my mail at all.
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