burncd audio

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at be-well.no-ip.com
Fri Apr 11 10:44:04 PDT 2003

Nathan <ndo1985 at farmerstel.com> writes:

> how can i burn audio cds, i can burn data cds fine, but when it comes to audio 
> it gives -1 of xxxxxx bytes burned, i converted the mp3s to wavs like i was 
> told to, i have 4.7 , using burncd

This worked for me:

    burncd -f /dev/acd0c -s max audio test.wav fixate

with the following results:

    [502] (be-well) lowell> burncd -f /dev/acd0c -s max audio test.wav fixate
    next writeable LBA 0
    writing from file test.wav size 35275 KB
    written this track 35277 KB (100%) total 35277 KB
    fixating CD, please wait..
    [503] (be-well) lowell>

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