sendmail woes

Brian Astill bastill at
Fri Apr 11 00:23:13 PDT 2003


Giorgos Keramidas wrote:

>You should probably edit /etc/hosts and change in
>the following lines:
>    ::1                    localhost
>              localhost
>to something that matches your local domain.  I havn't tried resolving
First..  Those lines worked just fine in the "old" sendmail, but 
changing them to:
:: 1                  localhost        localhost
worked wonders with the "new" sendmail.  No huge delays - sendmail loads 
on boot as it should.
BUT  I still can't get past my DSL modem :-(

Note.  Mine is a private network and does not have a static IP no, so 
you could not resolve it, anyway.
Q. Where could I go from here?  Obviously something is still "not right".

I think there is a command that gives the name if you give the address 
and vice versa - but what IS that command?  Mind you, I'm not sure that 
is an issue.

Thanks for your help - and patience - so far.


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