problem with ezmlm-send and lists larger than 250 members

Alan B. Clegg alan-keyword-fbq.a4c911 at
Thu Apr 10 16:12:17 PDT 2003

I've just retired (well, it retired itself) a box that was running BSD/OS
and am replacing it with a FreeBSD box.  Everything is working great,
except for a few ezmlm based mailinglists.

Small lists (less than ~250 users) run fine, but when I get to the
larger lists, ezmlm-send hangs instead of sending out the mail.  I would
guess that it is a resource exhaustion problem, but there is no log of
any problem, just the process starting and never ending.

The biggest problem is that when I hit concurrencylocal of these hung
processes, all incoming mail that is a local delivery stops, causing
even more headaches than the ~1000 people that are wondering where their
list mail is.

If someone that is familiar with ezmlm based lists running on FreeBSD
would contact me, I'll be happy to provide more details.

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