Dual Booting XP Home and FreeBSD 4.7 Release

Lucas Holt luke at foolishgames.com
Thu Apr 10 15:58:52 PDT 2003

What is the best approach to dual booting XP Home and FreeBSD?  
Specifically I want to know what to do about the boot manager?  I don't 
want to damage Windows XP in the process.

My system currently has Windows XP Home edition on a 30 gig partition 
and another 9 gigs or so free at the end.

I have read some newsgroups, but some people are saying that its not a 
good idea to use the nt boot loader.

Lucas Holt
Luke at FoolishGames.com

"The next generation of interesting software will be made on a 
Macintosh, not an IBM PC."

-- Bill Gates (unconfirmed quote) 

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